runner checklist

I want to also turn this into a pdf ("Preparing for the Hoku Relay")

If we ever make a site that you can login to this would be a good thing to include

  • Form a team
  • Sign up for the relay by creating a fundraising page
  • Make sure your teammates have all signed up
  • Fundraise and train!!
  • Read the Relay Packet
  • Take care of logistics (flights, lodging, rental vehicles - details below)
  • Get safety gear
  • Fill out the safety waiver and photo release form (via DocuSign)
  • Fundraise and train!!
  • Plan for the actual relay
    • Who is going run each leg (listed in the Course Guide)
    • When/where are you going to sleep
  • Memorize your route – the trail is NOT marked
  • Fundraise and train!!
  • yada yada yada