Relay Waiver

Each participant must submit a signed copy of BOTH the Hoku Relay Safety Waiver and the Hoku Relay Photo Release Form

The Hoku RElAy: What to Expect

The Hoku Relay is not an officially sanctioned event. It is a grassroots community run consisting of a group of friends who want to support a philanthropic cause. There are no chip timers, no cannons at the starting line, no big finish line, no food or water at exchanges, no course markings or signs, etc. This event does not have the bells and whistles of a high-budget event planned by professional event coordinators. However, what this event may lack in bells and whistles, it makes up with in fun and goodwill. We expect all runners to embrace this. 

While we've made the Hawaii Police Department, the relevant parks, and the community centers we'll be using aware of the event, we cannot ensure that teams will not have any issues with local law enforcement or communities. As we've mentioned in the Relay Packet, we ask that you follow all traffic laws and remain mindful of all communities. It is your responsibility to follow all rules and regulations. 

While we are doing our best to organize a safe and fun event, there will be limitations to what we're able to do and plan. Things may not go according to plan but this adds an element of fun and adventure. Our number one priority is to keep each runner safe. We've done everything in our ability to ensure everyone's safety but each runner needs to be aware of any logistical issues that come with running a grassroots event.

Runners must personally assume the risk associated with running an event like the Hoku Relay. Each team is responsible for knowing the relay route and each runner is responsible for knowing their individual relay legs. We've made great effort to lay out the details of the relay route in the Relay Packet. There will not be markings on the course, medical staff, police escorts, or blocked off roads. If each participant follows the route in the Rely Packet then we are confident that each team will be able to complete the entire course. However, we expect that some runners will have issues navigating the course, especially at night – we expect teams to embrace this as part of the challenge. Stay calm, study your route, and establish a team plan should a runner get lost or injured. Remember, this is a relay, not a race. Have fun and enjoy the adventure of running around the entire island with your friends.